Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wanted to post some updates about my stay here.. Work-wise, it's going fine.. I am working on topological analysis of chaotic systems in a Theoretical Physics research group. Working again in a research group again gave me a good feel of what my life would be as a graduate student... (for an AWESOME comical view at this, see : www.phdcomics.com ).
Have been getting to know a lot about France - it's educational system, the universities here, their love for their language (and hate for anything English :P), the customs here, lifestyles here, general set-up, their mind-set, wines and champagnes here.. also, not to forget, the French language... - I am loving it the more I study it..
Have been meeting a lot of Indians as well as Europeans/ Chinese/ Canadians/ Africans here.. Lately, I am so charmed by an obsessive passion these travelers have... Some are back-packers.. I have always been intrigued by back-packers... but just that when you meet so many of them, so frequently you get to know more and more about it..In all it's a life-style --> ' earn for your travels.. and you need not lavishly spend (as we generally see when (most )people from India go on "world tours" organized by travel agents) for your travels... You need to know how to manage your costs even while traveling to hundreds of places.. See as much places as you can - that means not just the ones with the glamor- Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New-York, LA, California,London , but also to exotic locations like Mexico,Venezuela, Peru,Brazil, China, Argentina, Turkey, ,many countries in Africa... The aim is not just to see the buildings, monuments, museums,and natural scenery, but to go see people, their culture, their traditions, religions, interacting with them, possibly living with them for a day or two.. seeing how they spend their daily life, understanding different cultures and lifestyles, sharing your experiences with them, making friends all over the world...."
Well much more to say... but will soon pen it down properly...

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